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Japan Unlimited – Consultants & Liaisons

Address: Noard 159, 8711 AE Workum
Phone: +31(0)6 44981072 (NL)
Phone: +81-(0)80 8045 7599 (JP)
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Consultants & Liaisons

Japan Unlimited

Japan Unlimited is a small company with as its central motto “Building Bridges” between Europe and East Asia, with a special focus on Japan. Japan Unlimited aims at building mutually beneficial cooperative relations and management of projects for SMEs and (regional) public organisations who wish to spread their wings eastwards.

Japan Unlimited

How does Japan Unlimited achieve this?

The consultants at Japan Unlimited have worked and lived in Japan for many years, and are therefore well accustomed with Japanese society, culture and the Japanese way of working. They speak the language and have established a vast and diverse network through the years.

Larger companies and organisations usually have large budgets at their disposal to hire large, well-known consultancy-organisations. SMEs and smaller public organisations will often notice that the attention of these larger organisations, is more on larger ‘account’ and services is often impersonal in style

Japan Unlimited wishes to adress these shortcomings, by focusing on a personal, tailor-made, approach. For us you are not an account, you can always in direct contact with us adjust your service according to yoru needs: – At Japan Unlimited the emphasis is not just on ‘on behalf of’ but more on ‘together with’.


Japan Unlimited can be of service with the following, to make your activities in Japan a success. These are just some examples of what Japan Unlimited can do for you. We are there to support you with all your endeavors with regard to Japan.
Market reconnaissance, scans and research

Liaising-services (personal guidance/advice and translation-services)


Custom-made communication- and language-training in preparation to your business trip

Translation services (Business cards, company presentations, brochures)

Organization/guidance study and business trips to Japan

Interim and project-management

Japanese cooking workshops

Japan Unlimited

About Us

Lyckle Griek (1965) left the Netherlands, after completing his M.A. in Modern Asian History at the University of Amsterdam to pursue a Ph.D.  at Hiroshima University, Japan  He subsequently worked as an assistant-professor and lecturer at the same university. While in Japan he was also involved in projects for other organizations such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 

At Japan Unlimited, Lyckle has developed substantial expertise concerning Japanese government procurement and has cooperated in numerous EU-projects concerning this topic. 

Hanneke van Driel (1965) followed Lyckle to Japan after completing her Masters degree on Organizational Sociology at the University of Amsterdam in 1993. During her stay in Japan she was involved in teaching English conversation to children and adults. She was also involved in a variety of trading activities. Hanneke is fluent in English and speaks Japanese well and has a lot of knowledge about informal aspects of dealing with Japanese culture and customs. 

Hanneke has 20 years of experience as an university teacher, coach, initiator and project manager within Dutch higher education in the fields of management, public procurement and entrepreneurship. 


Get in Touch

How do I find a business partner in Japan? Does Japan offer opportunities for my product? How should I present myself to my Japanese customers? What is happening in my field of business in Japan? I want to go to Japan for business or research, how can I arrange this? If you are faced with these kinds of questions, Japan Unlimited might be of service to you.

Noard 159, 8711 AE Workum
+31(0)6 44981072 (NL)
+81-(0)80 8045 7599 (JPN)